User rights accepted?

Agreement on user rights

for the use of the material provided herein:
The accredited user (contracting party) fully acknowledges the items 1 to 6 set out below by accepting this user agreement in the accreditation form.

  1. Subject matter of agreement

    1. St. Thomas Choir Leipzig provides the contracting party with photos and texts that can be downloaded at

    2. St. Thomas Choir Leipzig reserves the right to limit the purpose of use.

  2. Rights of use

    1. The photos and texts may only be published in connection with the choir.

    2. The use is free of charge for editorial purposes and concert organizers cooperating with the choir. Any promotional use is prohibited as is the use for CD /CD-ROM/DVD productions, book productions and similar.

    3. Any forwarding of the photos/image data to third parties is prohibited.
    4. Photos used on the internet shall be removed upon expiry of the necessary publication period (announcement of St. Thomas Choir Leipzig concerts etc.) and texts regularly updated resp.

  3. List of sources and originators

    To the extent the photos made available indicate a source and/or originator, the contracting party undertakes to show on the website or in the printed matter the source and/or originator in a manner that can be clearly allocated as follows: "St. Thomas Choir Leipzig/ the name of the photographer or author where applicable".

  4. Change authorization

    1. The photos made available may be changed by the contracting party as necessary for the a.m. purposes. Any change that has a distorting effect is prohibited.

  5. Freedom from cost/Access right

    If used as defined by item 2 of this agreement, all materials can be used free of charge.

  6. Reservation to release

    1. Upon publication of the materials, the contracting party shall provide St. Thomas Choir Leipzig with the link to the website and specimen copies of printed matter resp. where the photos or texts have been published and send the same to or: THOMANERCHOR Leipzig, Hillerstrasse 8, D-04109 Leipzig.