Commitment for a Great Enterprise

The care, training and organization of the THOMANERCHOR Leipzig does not happen by itself. Supporting the choir and its high level of performance, are the Thomaskantor and teaching staff, and an entire team of employees. They create the best possible conditions so that the singers can concentrate on work in many open spaces and with diverse leisure activities for comprehensive personal development.

Not only aspects of musical life ranging from researching and buying sheet music for the performance plans of the motets in the St. Thomas Church Leipzig but also planning concert tours and media productions for the future is designed by the staff of the administration. Important to mention are the maintenance of the Alumnat, the financial backing, and the tireless service of educational staff; all of which take care of the needs of the boys and young men.

The teachers and educators are present during homework time, create a wide range of activities and are available around the clock to serve as caregivers. The kitchen team prepares fresh meals daily in the Alumnat’s own kitchen. The janitors are responsible for the care and maintenance of the indoor and outdoor area. A nurse is also available for the choir members in the case of sickness and is a trustworthy contact person. And what would the singers be without a well-maintained concert suit or “Kieler Bluse”? To ensure their appearance a seamstress is needed.

In short, in addition to the musical work of the Thomaskantor and the entire musical structure, many committed people are needed to fulfill this great enterprise.