Musical Training

Sectional rehearsals usually precede the general choir rehearsal, where the young singers’ tireless commitment is realized under the direction of the Thomaskantor, his musical assistant and also the Prefects. To achieve the distinctive sound of the vocal polyphony of Johann Sebastian Bach requires constant exercise. The singers are trained simultaneously to sing from sheet music, to be rhythmically precise, to watch the conductor for phrasing, dynamics and gestures so that the music will become alive.

Another core piece of the training is weekly private voice lessons by prestigious teachers for all the Thomaner (in adapted form during the period when the voice changes). Together with the Thomaskantor and his musical assistant, the voice teachers exchange experiences on a weekly basis regarding the development of the boys’ voices and can respond immediately to the needs of each choir member.

In the Alumnat the singers receive weekly classes in piano by experienced music educators and music teachers. On request, other instruments can be learned, of which there are many excellent instruments available.

"It is important and right that children and young people grapple with the most mature and profound compositions of our culture. Singing is our “most personal instrument” because we always carry our voice with us. When singing in the St. Thomas' Choir, the singers learn to listen to each other, to deal with each other in life in the Alumnat and to fit into a group.", says Thomaskantor Andreas Reize.