Everyday Life

Life in the so-called “Kasten” (“Box”), as the Thomaner refer to their Alumnat (i.e. boarding house), is a world unto itself. The central and most important place is the large rehearsal hall which can be used outside the choir rehearsals for individual musical activities like band rehearsals. Connected to the hall is the daylight-flooded dining room; a place where the singers come together three times a day to eat. However, the four-story house offers many more possibilities.

The living quarters of the Alumnat, the so-called “Stuben”, are similar to a suite with a large lounge area and several bedrooms, which are shared by up to three students of different ages. In addition to their own bed there is space for homework and personal interests, as well as sufficient space for gatherings, games and fun. Along with their own football field which is used for intramural tournaments, there is a sports hall, a gym and a sauna. But also for all those who are not inclined to sports, many other possibilities are available: the computer room, the play room with trains (that the engineering and tech-savvy boys enjoy), the study hall which offers space for completing homework, and the comfortably quiet reading room where they can devote time to reading their lessons.