Becoming a Thomaner

To keep the musical quality of the highest standard and to find talented young musicians, the THOMANERCHOR Leipzig cooperates closely with various local educational institutions. Employees of the emerging area visit several day-care centers in which they work on music with the preschool children. Talented young singers are then invited to “tryout” officially. These tryouts take place several times a year. The day-care of the forum thomanum Leipzig is responsible for musical- language education in the pre-school age.

The choir candidates are trained in close cooperation with the (private) forum thomanum primary school, as well as the Anna-Magdalena-Bach-Schule, a primary school of the City of Leipzig. With in-depth artistic training profiles, which include among others individual voice training, music lessons, choral singing and music theory, the aim of both schools is to prepare for its choir candidate step by step on an entrance exam in the choir. Joint appearances of the young singers with the choir are unforgettable. Afterward, most of them can hardly wait until they can finally be a “real” Thomaner.

Inclusion in the THOMANERCHOR Leipzig takes place usually at the beginning of the 4th class after having passed an entrance examination. The musical abilities as well as the educational level of performance are examined. The boys of class 4 are already an active part of the choir community. Their musical, educational and personal development is considered again after half a year.

Get detailed information on recording conditions, the costs for parents and the various access and learning paths in separate brochures on demand in the Alumnat.